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Start A Drawing With Clip Art

There are two ways to get clip art into a drawing. Start with it or add it after starting.

Starting with clip art is pretty easy. As you browse around our free clip art collection, you'll see pages of small versions of a piece of clipart called "thumbnails" (see image in the righthand side of this paragraph). When you click on one, you'll be taken to its "clip art display page" where you can download the clip art, read more about it, and you'll also find a button for starting a drawing with it.

In the image on the left, you'll see an orange button that says "click here to play with this clipart". When you're on a clip art display page, you can click it and you'll go to the FunDraw Art Studio with that clip art pre-loaded for your convenience.

But What If I Want More Than One Clip Art

Adding more clip art is easy.

When you're in the Art Studio, you've got a compact clip art catalog you can use. Just click the "add clipart" button (shown to the left and circled) and you'll bring up a clip art browser (shown to the right). Click a category name to see the images in it and/or a list of subcategories. All the images will be displayed as thumbnails. When you've found the one you want, click it (it will get darker to show it's been selected), then click the "add to drawing" button. The clip art will be added to your drawing.

Yup, It's That Simple

So now, if you're ready to draw, you can go browse through our free clip art or just start drawing. If you feel you need more help, try watching our helpful video lessons.
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