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Cool Stuff For Scrapbookers

Two things make exciting for Scrapbookers, drawing on photos and creating custom embellishments.

Here's a photo my wife took of our son in the snow a while back. I plugged the camera directly into our computer with the cable, the computer treated the files on the camera like they were on a hard drive, and I uploaded it to the site using the "Draw On A Photo" option...

photo of my son

Now the size you're seeing is just the "working size" for drawing on the image. The image I can get, once I've decorated it, will be big enough to print a beautiful 5x7 at 300 DPI on my home printer or as big as an 8x10 at any professional photo processor that lets me upload photos online (like Shutterfly or Wal Mart).

decorated photo
Click on this to download at high-res

And above you see a decorated photo. I'm not much of an artist, but in just a couple of minutes, I was able to add that vined corner from our clipart "Borders & Corners" section and set up the semi-transparent marquee with the words "Snow Day" on it.

And if you click on the photo, you can go to its download page and high-resolution copy to try out with your printer or favorite photo tools.

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When it comes to creating custom embellishments. You have a wide variety of tools...
You can use one or more of these things, layer them over one another, arrange them around your canvas, and get a high-quality JPEG that you can print on any home printer at 7" x 7" at 300 DPI for a photo-quality printout, or at 8x10 or bigger via a professional photo processing service.

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Last, but not least, you can also design greeting cards, thank-you notes, stickers, and more.

We have a large selection of templates (which define the height to width ratio of the drawing area) or by simply getting out the calculator and dividing the width by the height of the shape you want to draw on, you can set a custom template for just about any rectangular shape you want.

Then just print them out on your home printer or go to a custom card/sticker printer like and print up a batch.

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